Peer Review 1

This week I had the chance to view Theresa's website. At first glance, the website looks very straightforward and has a very calming feel. The phrase "Alhgoh 'uts'ut'en" is shown immediately and it translates to "We all work together". This gave me a feeling of calmness and gave me a sneak peek at what Theresa's personal content may encapsulate. The menu consists of a home page, an about me page, a blog page, and a page dedicated to course-related content. 

The home page provides all of the website's content, allowing us to have an overview of all of Theresa's content. This includes process posts, mini assignments, and personal blog posts. I would love to see some photos on the home page to provide some pops of colour.

I truly enjoyed reading Theresa's about me page, as it provided insight into her background, particularly her community and its significance in her life. Theresa was born and raised in their father's territory, Wet'suwet'en territory. Theresa then explains that the elders in the Binche Whut'enne territory call her Dulhaze, which then made me understand the meaning behind her website domain, "dulhaze.com". I was very impressed to learn that Theresa was elected to Chief & Council for Binche Whut'en as the Off-Reserve Councillor in 2019. Theresa did an excellent job of showing what she values in life, but I would love to learn a bit more about who she is as a person. 

Theresa's first blog post was about the brushing off ceremony that took place after a series of important community meetings she had hosted in Binche. The purpose of the ceremony is to brush off any negative energy that may be taken home. I really enjoyed learning about this ceremony and Theresa included a photo, which provided the essence of the ceremony.

The final page included the first mini-assignment and the first two process posts. In her first post I learned that Theresa is anti-social, so speaking to a stranger pushed her outside her comfort zone. I really related to Theresa in this case, since I am not a particularly outgoing person. Her stranger interaction was very heartwarming to read as it showed vulnerability and this interaction resulted in her meeting someone who she now considers family. Theresa also showed vulnerability in her second post, as she was very candid about not having experience with web hosting. She explained how this website will be used to share her work within her community, how she decided on a website name, and finding a theme. The website still lacks a set theme, as Theresa admitted, so I am very excited to see her website evolve creatively. 

Peer Review 2

This week I had the chance to view Autumn's website. At first glance, the website looks clean and simple. Her website contains an about me page, blog site, mini assignments page, and home page. The colour scheme is a clean pink, white, and black. Her site is titled "Autumn Rayne" with the phrase "Welcome To My World". At this moment, there is no additional content, but I believe Autumn has a promising vision that I am excited to see. Despite the lack of content, the website aesthetic is very pleasant, which is a great base for her future content.

Autumn's about me page does not currently provide any information about her life or what she plans to upload on her website. However, the course google sheet shows that she will be creating blog content in regard to life as a mom and other adventures. There is a lot of potential for Autumn's blog with these categories. She could give advice, and share her experiences or vulnerabilities, the joys of being a mom, and stories from her adventures. 

With there being no course content, I would like to dive deeper into the webpage design. As mentioned earlier, the colour scheme is pink, white and black with two coherent fonts all throughout the site. It includes a title, search bar, categories, content posts and comments, and a copyright statement at the bottom of the site. Having the About Me category as the main post tells me that her site should be more of a blog style or will at least provide more personalized content. Additionally, each page is functioning and not simply a button with no attached link, which is very promising. 

In relation to course content, a reading I would to see Autumn incorporate into their site is "Self-Prentation in Social Media: Review and Research Opportunities" by Erin E. Hollenbaugh. As the title states, the reading provides insight into the endless opportunities for self-expression and presentation through social media. I recommend this reading for Autumn because I believe her site will eventually involve a lot more self-presentation through personalized content about her life as a mom. 


Peer Review 3

This week I had the chance to view Becca’s website, Spinning Stufful. At first glance, the website looks clean with a very youthful feel. I first noticed the graphic image in the top left corner of the page, showing what I assume to be Becca an animated graphic of Becca and her Stufful. The image grabbed my attention because the pink Stufful pops among the white background and black text.

The largest text reads, “At the end of 2022, I logged back into my 2017 Pokemon Go account. Now, I’ve re-ignited a flame I can’t put out.” This straightforward message allowed me to immediately have an understanding of what the website is marketing to us while making me intrigued and later invested in her adventures. The adventure titles are engaging and direct which is perfect for their audience.

The game is rated 13+, so I believe the website’s target audience would be young adults. There may certainly be adults partaking in Pokemon Go, but I think younger adults would take more interest in connecting with other players. Becca’s About page asks to send her your trainer code via DM on Twitter, which is a social media platform that is most commonly used by ages 25-34. I think Becca would benefit from including an additional contact method