Process Post 2

Creating a website can be a daunting task, even for those who are tech-savvy. As someone who considers myself fairly comfortable with technology, I thought setting up my own website would be a breeze. However, I soon found that it was much more challenging than I had anticipated. First, I had to create and design the website itself. While I had some experience with web design, I quickly found that the specific tools and features of the platform I had chosen required a significant amount of trial and error. I spent hours tweaking the layout, fonts, and colours, trying to get everything just right. Even once I had the basic design in place, I still had to create all of the content for the website. This was especially challenging since I wanted to create something that was both informative and engaging, but also easy to navigate.


As I worked on the website, I encountered numerous technical difficulties and setbacks. Sometimes my changes would cause unexpected glitches or errors, and I would have to spend even more time troubleshooting and fixing the issues. Despite these challenges, I persisted, and eventually, I had a website that I was proud of. The experience taught me the importance of patience, persistence, and attention to detail, and reminded me that even tasks that seem straightforward can require a significant amount of effort and perseverance.