Process Post 4

As a blogger who writes about art media such as music, movies, and art, I wanted to attract an audience that shared my passion and appreciation for these creative forms of expression. At the same time, I also wanted to stay true to my own aesthetic preferences and design a website that reflected my personal style. To achieve this balance, I took a deliberate approach to the design of my website. I focused on creating a visual identity that would appeal to fans of art media, while also incorporating elements that were uniquely my own. One of the first things I did was select a colour palette and typography that reflected my personal taste. I chose a bold and vibrant colour scheme that would catch the eye of visitors, while also conveying a sense of energy and creativity. I also selected a typography that was clear and legible, yet had a certain flair that made it feel unique and distinctive. In addition to these design elements, I also focused on creating content that would be engaging and informative for my target audience. I wrote articles that explored various aspects of art media, from reviews of the latest movies and albums to features of emerging artists and trends. I also made sure to include plenty of images and videos throughout my site, to help bring these topics to life and make them more accessible to readers. To encourage interaction and engagement, I also included features such as social media sharing buttons, comment sections, and email sign-up forms. These elements allowed readers to easily share their thoughts and opinions, as well as stay up-to-date with new content and updates. Overall, I designed my website to appeal to fans of art media who share my passion and enthusiasm for these creative forms of expression. At the same time, I made sure to stay true to my own personal aesthetic and design preferences, creating a website that felt like a true reflection of myself. By combining these elements, I believe that I have created a website that is both engaging and authentic, and that will continue to attract readers who share my love of all things art media.